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Blend the comfort of a cabin, and the convenience of a motel room with our two Efficiency Units. Built like a small studio apartment, enjoy all the comforts of home with yourself and one other, any time of the year. 

The Efficiencies


Studio Layout

Arranged as a studio, the Efficiencies combine the kitchen, bedroom, and dining area as one.  Each efficiency comes with a queen bed.  


Access to grounds

The cabins site directly on the grounds. Just steps away are the private beach, firepit, rec room, and more. Cabins #1-5 also have the best views of the lake, sitting on a bluff.



Both come with Satellite TV, ceiling fans, electric heat, and equipped kitchens, including a refrigerator, stove, and microwave. 


Occupancy And Pricing

Each efficiency sleeps 2 persons. Please book now to view pricing, as rates are subject to change. 

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